Wave Shade®

Attractive, easy to operate retractable shade sail made using a series of billows

Wave Shade® retractable shade systems made of either fire-retardant mesh, micro-perforated fabric or translucent synthetic waterproof fabric in a series of billows which run along two parallel wires. They are an easy to operate, manual and very versatile system made of a series of billows which run on two wires offering a huge variety of applications, both residential and commercial. This shade is perfect for covering large spans across outdoor areas making them a popular choice for swimming pools, wineries and cafes. They can be attached to any structure including houses, pergolas, walls and posts. Wave Shades are custom manufactured using the highest quality stainless steel fixings and industrial grade aluminium divider battens, making them ideal for coastal environments. The retraction system is operated using either poles or cords. Wave Shades are designed for daily use only, not for permanent shade outdoors. They should be extended while you require shade but retracted when not in use. Your Wave Shade® can handle light to medium winds. They can be taken down, cleaned and stowed away during winter months if required. Wave Shades are made using mesh fabrics options which provide effective UV protection, fire retardant qualities or are waterproof. Shade your outdoor areas using this durable system.

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  • New Zealand made
  • Retractable billow style wave sails
  • Fire-retardant mesh, micro-perforated fabric
    or translucent synthetic waterproof fabric
  • Suitable for light to medium wind conditions
  • Manual pole or integrated cord operation
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • Anodised coated aluminium componentry
  • Effective UV and heat protection
  • Waterproof fabric option
  • Fire retardant mesh fabric option
  • Range of colours