Brown Thermacell honeycomb blinds on a skylight window

Blinds for Skylights

SmartFit™ Thermacell Blinds

SmartFit Thermacell sloped blinds are a perfect skylight blind to minimise heat loss in winter, heat gain in summer and prevent UV damage to carpets and furniture. Can be installed flat in a ceiling or at any angle you require. Skylights are often installed to let light into darker areas on the upper levels or stairways of a home, so you need a window covering that has the flexibility to allow in light when required, but also assist in temperature control. SmartFit™ Thermacell blinds are perfect for sloped windows as they are designed to insulate and fit tightly, with minimal light spill. They are fitted with their own wire guides, which prevent the blinds from sagging even when fitted horizontally. You can easily adjust the blind by using a pole to reach up and slide the blind open or closed. The pleated fabric construction means that these blinds will have minimal visual impact on your window when lifted. You can choose from either semi opaque or light filter fabrics to control glare. Thermacell blinds are available in a wide range of colours and fabrics to suit your décor.

  • SmartFit™ Thermacell blinds are best for skylights
  • Compact stack depth when lifted
  • 3 fabric opacities: Sheer, Light Filtering and Room Darkening
  • Size: 25mm single cell
  • 70 colours
  • Fire retardant fabric option

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