Grey Smart Release Thermacell honeycomb
Brown Thermacell honeycomb blinds
White Thermacell honeycomb blinds in baby's room
Vertical Thermacell honeycomb blinds on door
Thermacell honeycomb blind
Thermacell honeycomb blind cell sizes
Thermacell honeycomb blinds swatch colours
Thermacell honeycomb blinds corded
Thermacell honeycomb SmartRise blind
Yellow Thermacell honeycomb blinds

Thermacell Blinds

Warm up your home

This popular insulating blind with its clever honeycomb construction of fabric, traps a still layer of air reducing the transfer of heat and creating a barrier between the exterior and interior of your home to provide superior energy efficiency and reduce heating costs.  Designed to fit tightly into the window or door jamb, both the insulating and darkening properties of the blinds are enhanced.

The pleated fabric construction means that these blinds will have minimal visual impact on your window when lifted.  You’ll enjoy a warmer, drier and healthier home in winter and leave the blinds down on those hot, sunny summer days to reduce heat transfer through glass.

Thermacell blinds are available in a wide range of colours, fabrics and operating systems to suit your home and requirements.

  • Versatile window treatment with multiple variations, horizontal or vertical
  • Custom-manufactured to measure
  • Compact stack depth when lifted
  • Sheer, Lightfiltering or Room Darkening fabrics
  • 70+ colours & 20 exclusive designer prints
  • Fire Retardant fabric option
  • 3 cell sizes
  • Child and Pet safe option