White Santa Fe shaped shutter in bedroom
White Santa Fe sunburst circle shaped shutter
White open Santa Fe circle shaped shutter
White Santa Fe shaped shutters with curved side
White Santa Fe shaped bifold shutters in bathroom

Shaped Shutters

Control light and heat loss in shaped windows

Shaped windows make strong architectural features and come in many sizes, angles and shapes, so rather than simply cover them, we provide solutions that enhance these windows while providing important functionality. Our range of custom manufactured shutters are designed to maximise your view and have control of practicalities such as light, privacy and prevention of heat loss or gain at an affordable price.

Shaped shutters can be manufactured in angled, arched, sunburst, raked, circle, curve, parallelogram, triangle or semi-circle options and other custom shapes to special order.

Use shutters on high up or hard to reach window and skylights to complete your shutter look.

Light Control

Shaped shutters are very versatile and easy to adjust for light control. The unique Invisible Tilt™ mechanism gives you better blade closure and light control. A split tilt altnerative allows you to close one section of blades, while leaving the remaining blades open to retain your view or closed for privacy.

Reduce Heat Loss

Shutters are made-to-measure and installed to fit tightly into the window, to create an effective barrier to heat loss and improve window insulation, for a warmer home.

Cooler In Summer

You will also enjoy the benefits of shutters in the summer months, as you can close the shutters partially to allow in the cool breezes, create a heat barrier and a filter protection from our harsh UV rays.