Care tips for your window treatment

To maintain your blinds and shutters like-new appearance, gentle but regular light cleaning is recommended.  Following are some care tips, but please consult with us or a specialist window treatment company before considering starting any extensive cleaning.

Interior Blinds

For most blinds such as roller, venetian and thermacell styles, a light, regular dusting using a feather or similar duster, or a soft cloth is recommended.  For a deeper clean, carefully use your vacuum cleaner brush attachment.

To remove insect or other dirt spots simply pull down your blind (or close slats/vanes), then lightly sponge down with a clean, damp cloth using warm soapy water starting at the top and wiping back and forth across the blind as you work your way to the bottom of the blind.  Then dry by using a new soft clean cloth.

Leave down until completely dry.  Do not scrub or use solvents or any abrasive substances to avoid damaging the fabric.  Never immerse blinds in water.
For tough stains, consult a specialist cleaning company.

Interior Shutters

A light regular dusting is recommended.  Do not apply polish or wax products, or use any products containing abrasives or caustic components as they can adversely affect the finish.


Shutters finished with interior paint are not designed to be wet unless they are Waterproof Woodlore Plus which are water resistant. Take care not to leave windows open behind the shutters thus allowing them to get wet when it rains.  If this occurs, wipe the shutters down immediately with a soft dry cloth.
Easy to spot clean with clean, damp cloth.
Do not scrub, or use solvents or any abrasive substances to avoid damaging the slat coating.

Stained Wood

A regular dust with a soft, dry cloth or gentle vacuum will remove dust.  Be mindful of washing your wooden shutters, as they are not designed to get wet.  Please consult with us if you require further cleaning advice.

Outdoor Shutters & Screens

Florida aluminium shutters and screens are designed for exterior use and are powder coated making them low maintenance.  To keep them in excellent condition hosing down with water and PH neutral soap is recommended.