Blue Panel Curtain and roller blind in a bedroom
Grey fabric Panel Curtains in a dining room

Panel Curtains

Vertical Fabric Panels

A chic, fabric panel curtain for the minimalist

Panel Curtains are a chic way to transform any space with their modern vertical fabric panels for light, glare and privacy control.  The unique clip construction system ensures that the soft fabric panels have no visible stitching and that there is no gap between panels when they are closed.
They easily slide to the side and stack tidily behind each other in the open position.  Their minimalist look, flexible stacking positions and ‘Child Safe’ wand operation make them an excellent choice for larger windows, doorways or as a room divider, without the need for bottom tracks.  Choose from Blockout, Lightfilter or Sunfilter fabrics along with a range of colours, textures and designs to make a statement, or as a background furnishing to allow other décor items to take centre stage.

  • Vertical fabric construction
  • Stacking position options to suit room layouts
  • Blockout, Lightfilter & Sunfilter fabric options
  • Huge range of fabrics, colours & textures
  • Easy operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Child Safe wand
  • Motorisation options