SmartDrape™ Blinds

Vertical Fabric Vanes & Sheers

Walkthrough, dual-purpose blinds

SmartDrape™ blinds are the new generation vertical blinds for seamless indoor-outdoor living with undulating sheers and vertical fabric vanes.  They have a unique an unimpeded construction to allow you to walk through, even when the shade is closed.  SmartDrape’s have a series of individual fabric vanes, suspended in sheer fabric to create a floating effect.  Close the blind and it becomes completely solid or open the louvres and transition to a completely sheer effect, and all the options in between. The ‘Best for Kids™’ certified cordless operation and option to replace vanes one at a time, will give you added peace of mind.

These blinds offer the appearance of a curtain without the bulk, provide excellent value over purchasing solid and sheer curtains separately, all while giving you the easy control of a blind.

These features make them an elegant, yet affordable solution for privacy and light control for larger windows.

  • Walk through construction
  • Lightfilter & Room Darkening fabric options
  • 4 textures each with 5 modern colours
  • 4 headrail & wand finishes
  • Minimal view of components
  • Small stack for improved view when open
  • Easy single cord or wand operation
  • Easy to clean